Trust us,

Packing is key!

Absolutely one of the most crucial parts of your move!

Where to start!

Get boxes and packing material

You can buy them at BunningsOffice works, or your local Storage supplier.

You can also get them for free, scroll down for more info!

How to find free boxes

We might have a few!

Facebook groups

Check with your locals

Local shops

Read on!



Ask the staff for a few boxes, make sure they are clean!

Facebook Groups

$0 - $100

Usually for free or a few bucks you can get heaps of boxes in your local community

Kennards Self Storage

$2 - $13 p/box

Buy new or second hand at Kennards Self Storage. You can get butchers papers and other packing material. 

Harris Farms


Great option to get a few boxes, make sure they are clean!


$0 - $100

Get second hand boxes from gumtree too. Check in with your local area.

Office Works

$4 - $100

One of our favourite go-to shop when needing new boxes. They also sell other packing supplies which come handy.

Now that you have your boxes

How to properly pack a box!

If you already made it this far, you are doing great. 

In order to start with your packing, you are going to need tape, butchers paper, time, and patience!