The Removal Brothers

Moving Against Domestic Violence

Our story, why we help, and vision.

Our Story

A long time ago, on our first van we got a call for help.

Summer 2017 after a long days work we got a call for help, from a woman (who’s name or detail we won’t share) who had 40 dollars on her bank account and needed to urgently leave from a 2 bedroom house. 

We knew at the moment what needed to be done and not questions asked got the job done. 

That was an eye opening moment for us. We live in a thriving community, where behind the walls there’s families who need the practical help from us.

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Our First Call

Context: Summer 2017, back in the day, when we first began our life as a removalist, we were driving a small Toyota Hiace Van (it’s like a goget van). We mostly did smallish jobs, like moving a fridge or a sofa…

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Our little first van (we've upgraded)

Why we help

We’ve been asked a couple times and being very honest, why not? 

If we don’t do it, who will? 

What we do, possibly no one else will do. People can donate things, put money in their banks, but when the urgent moment comes that they need us. We need to be there. In some cases there are few hours to get out of the places they’re currently living in. 

Moving homes from the heart

Our Vision

We are blessed, have a profitable business with great customers and experiences on a daily basis. 

We have to give back. Always. Every company should. 

Improving other peoples lives is a bigger blessing than being profitable. Helping survivors and families escape a dangerous situation is a big deal. We believe we are doing good.


Trust the experts

We know what we are doing has an immediate positive impact on people, families, kids. 

We still trust the experts, and have a constant read on what they’re saying about the matter. 

Keep an eye out guys, and have a read! It’s important.