Moving houses?

You have come to the right place! Read on for further information.

What to expect, what to know, what to ask, etc!

Tackling your move the best way!

Be prepared to answer lot's of questions. Read on and get to know what are the biggest factors for an easy stress-free move.

Packing is key!

Trust me! Packing is numero uno. If you are packing yourself, check this blog post where we teach you how. We are happy to do the packing too!

Parking and access

Make sure you know where's best to park, what's the height clearance of your parking and speak to the buildings managers.

Disassemble & Assemble

We can surely disassemble and reassemble any of your furnitures. Have got all the tools, don't stress about this.


The Removalist Industry has had too many bad stories to share with their terrible service. Stay safe and hire honest movers. Read on!

Our Pricing: Honest and upfront

Sydney Eastern Suburbs:

*Minimum of 4 hours charge
*Price doesn't include balcony lifts, rubbish removal, piano removals, concrete tables, 3 door wardrobes, and more than 1st floor apartments.

Two man and a truck

AUD $ 145/hr + GST

Any extra mover

AUD $ 65/hr + GST

Sydney and sorrounding areas

*Minimum of 4 hours charge
*Price doesn't include balcony lifts, rubbish removal, piano removals, concrete tables, 3 door wardrobes, and more than 1st floor apartments.

Two man and a truck

AUD $ 145 + GST
+72.5 drive fee

Any extra mover

AUS $ 65/hr

Save 100's of dollar by picking us.
Wish to compare prices?

We are fairly priced, honest and get booked out week-in week-out.
Get access to our own personal market research where we tell you exactly how much you will save with us.

Can we actually convince you we are good, reliable and honest?

We have never spent 1 cent in marketing, even our logo was a gift from our design artist friend (who needed her fridge moved). We grew from 1 old rusty Toyota Hiace (Go-get like) van, to 4 trucks in 3 years not by chance.
We take care of our clients, they take care of us. We will work so hard and well for you to recommend us later!

A strong and honest removalist team. This removals are the best there is in the Eastern suburbs.


We get this question very often, and as much as I would love to be able to tell exactly: every move is very different than another. 
There are a few factors that you can have an eye on mentioned up here that will help you save $!

In average:

1 bedroom apartment: 3-4 hours. 

2 bedroom apartment: 4-5.5 hours. 

Sure thing we can pack and unpack all your belongings. 
We can also provide you with all the packing material too – Watch out for a free 2nd hand boxes we might have some!

That’s an easy one! You could save hundreds of dollars if you follow this simple steps. 

Here are some recommendations:

  1. Don’t rush your removalist. They will work the quickest and smartest for your move. They are trained and prepared more than you are. 
  2. Make sure your packing is good. Packing is the key to success in a move! With everything boxed and stacked inside neatly things will flow a lot easier. Dont over/under pack boxes, and dont fill them up with boxes or heavy objects.
  3. Clear every pathway possible. If the hallways are packed with stuff it will make it harder for us to walk through them.
  4. Dissassemble your furniture. What ever you have that can be disassembled, go for it and disassemble it before your house moving experts arrive.
  5. Unplug your whitegoods and technology. This will make it quicker for us to just grab them, secure, and take. 
  6. Be clean and organized. Do you enjoy working in dirty places? 

Call us asap to book you in. 

You can also email, text or message any of our socialmedia platforms @removalbros. 

First shift usually starts around 7.30 – 8.00am. 
Second shift will begin immediately after the first one has finished. Normally it is around 11.00 – 2.00 pm. 

We would keep you informed with our ETA’s if you are on the second shift.